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Limited liability company is stated to a private company whose entrepreneurs are legally responsible for all the company’s debts only to a limited extent of the amount of the company’s capital they have invested in.


  • The firm has the choice of tax regime- through LLC the firm can elect to be a taxpayer as a sole proprietor, in partnership, S-corporation or C-corporation providing all the great deals of flexibility.
  • Protection from liabilities- The owners of the firm and LLC are somehow protected from some or all the liabilities for the acts and kinds of debts through LLC. The protection depends on the state shield laws.
  • Pass-through taxation- that is generally known as no double taxation. Through LLC there are no problems of double taxation unless the process of LLB is done and elected to be taxed by the C corporation methods.
  • There is much less paperwork involved in the administrative and record= keeping than a cooperation method.


C- Corporation

Under UNITED STATES c corporation is the federal income tax law which mainly refers to any corporation that has been taxed separately from its owners. C= corporation enjoys limited liability but it is subjected to corporate income.

S- Corporation

The term S corporation means small business. S corporation is an ordinary business corporation that can elect to pass corporate income, losses, credits, and deduction to the shareholders for another federal tax purpose.


Non-profit is the corp. that is an entity formed for purposes other than making profits out of it.l like all the standard profit-making companies the nonprofit corporations are the same they have limited liability protection and much more.

DBA Doing Business As

By filling the DBA Doing Business As is an official legal and public way to register firms’ names in either the jurisdiction of state or local. DBA is commonly recognized as the Trade name of the company.

Federal Tax ID (EIN)

The Employer identification number (EIN) or the federal tax identification number is a unique number assigned by IRS to the business owner which makes it entitle of operations in the united state. It is a nine-digit unique id

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